How to Have a Great Time in Hong Kong

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You have probably heard about the amazing city Hong Kong and about what it has to offer. The tourism in this metropolis is continuously growing and it certainly has many reasons to be that way. If you decide to travel to this city in the near future, but you are not sure what to do there, then we are going to help you with some useful advice. Therefore, here is how to have a great time in Hong Kong.

Take the Star Ferry

This is the best way to fully enjoy the amazing view of the skyline of Victoria Harbor. The Star Ferry will take you to Kowloon and back to Hong Kong. The shortest voyage lasts around 10 minutes and it costs $0.25. The trip is extremely relaxing and you will take a very close look at lots of towering skyscrapers. It is without a doubt a unique experience.

Go For Dim Sum in a Local Restaurant

Dim Sum actually refers to a large range of exquisite bite-sized meals, which are steamed in bamboo baskets and then paraded around the local in steam charts. The diversity of Dim Sum is without a doubt amazing. Most of the restaurants in Hong Kong offer around thirty or forty different dishes to choose from. The best thing you can do is to enjoy dim sum in a large group because by doing so you will be able to order different dishes and therefore taste more varieties of them.

Enjoy a Macau Day Trip

Another great recommendation for tourists is to take a trip to Macau. You need to reserve an entire day for this activity. It will take you around one hour by ferry to get to Macau, where you can have a look at the amazing Portuguese buildings, enjoy delicious meals, and also go to the many casino resorts that are located there. By making some research on the internet you will find all the information you need about how to plan your one-day trip to Macau.

Go and Explore the Lantau Island

Here you will also have a fantastic time, as the place is amazing without a doubt. The island is full of beautiful beaches, mountains, and natural parkland. Furthermore, you can also go hiking or biking trails. This is not everything that the Lantau Island has to offer, because there is also the Disneyland Park and the Po Lin Monastery which has one of the biggest bronze Buddha statues. Make sure you do not miss the Tai O fishing village as well, as it is absolutely beautiful. There are fishing boats, stilt houses, and waterways.

Nightlife is Amazing

Hong Kong has lots of bars and restaurants and you must definitely try some of them on your trip to this city. Try as many dishes as you can, and party until morning in one of the many nightclubs that are in this metropolis. The center is very busy so make sure you don’t get lost. However, the people are very chatty and you can always ask for directions.




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